Biomechanical Assessment And Physiotherapy

Biomechanical assessment physiotherapy will see if a person's joints, muscles, or nerves are working simultaneously or not. A biomechanical assessment will see if all three things will work proficiently or not. Moreover, the biomechanical assessment will also see if the upper body is affected by the movement of joints, legs, or muscles in the body. It will also solve problems related to bad posture, hips, back, nerve pain, and neck pain. Moreover, the biomechanical assessment will provide a thorough outline of how a person's joints and muscles work while doing a specific exercise.

When is biomechanics assessment physiotherapy necessary?

Most people will face several problems that can only be solved by biomechanical assessments. If a person has bunions or ingrown toenails, a biomechanical assessment will be necessary. The ingrown stonewall will cause discomfort and pain to the person. Lower back pain and heel pain are interrelated. If a person suffers from the heel and lower back pain, he will have to undergo a biomechanics assessment. Furthermore, a poor posture along with hip back and nerve pain will also be resolved by biomechanics assessment.

Moreover, feel ulcers and other skin conditions will also be improved using biomechanical assessment and physiotherapy. A person having deities will also have poor circulation of blood in the body. These types of issues will also be resolved using biomechanical assessment and therapy. People experiencing foot deformity will also be cured using biomechanical assessment physiotherapy.


Go Rehab's clinic provides one of the best treatments for issues related to biomechanics. Moreover, our staff is highly skilled and experienced in their work. First of all, our medical experts will carry out an interview. The interview will consist of all questions related to a person's issue or events that led to the issue. In the biomechanics assessment, medical experts will see how you stand and walk. Go Rehab's experienced medical experts will also see what type of footwear does the patient use.

Furthermore, they will also see how the mobility of the person and up to what limit can the patient be flexible. The strength of joints and muscles will also be checked to make sure there are no issues caused by the joints and the muscles. Furthermore, the medical experts will also discuss the lifestyle of the person. Additionally, they will also assess the specific problems faced by the person. After all the assessment, the biomechanical assessment physiotherapists will provide advice and treatment methods to fix the problem faced by the person.


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