Spinal Mobilisation And Manipulation

The main goal of spinal mobilisation and manipulation is to restore or enhance the function of a joint in a person. However, the medical experts will use slow movement techniques to the firm endpoint of a joint movement to mobilize the joint. Most people use spinal mobilisation and manipulation for several reasons. First of all, the patent may prefer and may feel comfortable by selecting spinal mobilisation and manipulation. Moreover, oven people use spinal mobilisation and manipulation for sensitive nervous systems. These sensitive nervous systems may benefit from gentle chiropractic techniques that will prevent the body from overreacting and causing muscle spasms.


People having all sorts of issues related to the spine may be resolved with the help of our doctors. Go Rehab's medical experts make use of multiple exercises and therapies to make sure the patent leaves our clinic in perfect form. First of all, a detailed examination and assessment procedure is carried out. Our medical experts will ask a series of questions. All of these questions will be related to the pain the person is experiencing, moreover, a physical examination will also be conducted by our team of experts. After careful examination, the treatment is initiated.

Go Rehab provide multiple services such as lumber exercises, exercise for cervical, physio for back pain, and mobilization and manipulation physical therapy for neck pain. Furthermore, we also have other methods for spine mobilization and manipulation. The first method is the activator method. An activator is a handheld machine with a laded spring that provides impulse. The patient will have to lay on the adjustment table face down. After that, the doctor will carefully locate all the sensitive areas as well as the areas that have pain.

The next step is to use the machine all over the back for a good 15 to 20 minutes. The activator method is beneficial as it performs muscle testing and adjusts the joints in the spine. It is vital for lumbar pain relief and thoracic pain relief.

One of our best physiotherapy for low back pain is the cox Flexion-distraction. This technique involves applying a gentle stretch to the lower spine. However, the force applied on the spine will be in repetitive slow movement just like a rocking motion. It will fix up any loose muscles or ligaments in the spine and remove pain. Moreover, it will also improve blood flow. It will also help in upper thoracic manipulation.


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