EMDR Therapy And Treatment

EMDR therapy is the name of physiotherapy for people who have gone through a lot of traumas that has not been resolved yet. Moreover, EMDR therapy will also help people who are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. Rapid eye movement therapy is based on the theory of traumatic or distressing experience that leads to normal cognitive and neurological coping mechanisms.

Rapid eye movement therapy will help people that face traumatic memories that cannot be processed and lead to multiple flashbacks, intrusive images, and thoughts. Go Rehab's goal is to use rapid eye movement therapy to process the distressing memories and reduce the post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms to help people in developing more adaptive coping mechanisms.


Our clinic provides the professional experience as we comprise highly skilled and experienced medical experts that have helped thousands of people to date. Our EMDR trauma therapy will help the people in recovering from problems such as:

• Unresolved childhood trauma
• Medical trauma
• Complex event trauma
• Indescribable medical symptoms
• Confidence issues and low self-esteem
• Obsessive-compulsive disorder
• Disturbed sleeping cycles
• Depression and migraines
• Mood disorders and eating disorders
• Disturbing memories and anxiety attacks
• Addiction and phobias
• Voice hearing and complicated grief
• Pain and dissociative disorders
• Disturbing dreams and nightmares
• Personality disorders.

We carry out our EMDR psychotherapy on a daily and weekly basis. However, Go Rehab timetables can be made flexible according to the needs of the people. If people do not feel comfortable visiting the clinic, they will be provided home services. Moreover, our clinic is different from others because we provide online services too. We will provide teams of EMDR counseling and teams of EMDR trauma therapy to assist the patient and help him in all problems. These teams will analyze your history for a day or two. After they feel that the patient is ready, they will start the treatment.

The EMDR therapy for anxiety will allow patients to look at several pictures and write down all the negative and positive thoughts about it. The EMDR psychotherapy specialist will then go through all the answers to see where improvement is required. Moreover, these professional teams will carry out eye movement desensitization reprocessing and EMDR practitioner treatment.

They will include image recognition and deep analysis of eye movements. The therapist will keep on practicing the eye tests until the distress is reduced. The doctor will then tell patients to think about positive thoughts and reveal the areas of the body where distress is felt.


Getting in touch with Go rehab is easy. Simply complete our online form, call us on 0330 010 0160 or email info@gorehab.co.uk. We’ll be able to provide you with a no-obligation quote for your required service and tell you much more about how we can help.


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