Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy - CBT

Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy is a type of psychological treatment that is used to treat mental health issues such as mental health and other issues that are related to mental health. Cbt therapy is also used in treating other psychological problems such as OCD and other anxiety issues such as panic, social phobia, and post-traumatic stress. Moreover, cbt counseling will also help in solving issues such as eating disorders and addictions. Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy is not like all other therapies, it is considered as a cbt counseling to help people with their daily life problems.


We have the most well-skilled and highly experienced cognitive-behavioral counseling team that will help people at all times. Moreover, Go Rehab also has the latest technology that will help in cognitive behavioral therapy treatment and give excellent results. Our clinic believes every problem should be approached step by step. As a result, our treatment is divided into multiple steps.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is divided into 5-major sectors. The major sectors are situations, thoughts, emotions, physical feelings, and actions. Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy including all the sectors are interlinked and affect each other. First of all, our cognitive-behavioral counseling will make sure if the cbt therapy is suitable for the patient or not. The cbt behavioral therapy team will conduct an interview and ask the patient multiple questions. The cbt therapy team will analyze all the answers in the interview and see if the patient needs any cbt counseling.

Moreover, the questions will be related to real-life events or situations that lead to such problems. The cbt therapy team will tell you if you need the treatment or provide you will other alternatives. Go Rehab has helped many with the help of our special cbt treatment and promises to help more in the coming years. In our cbt behavioral therapy, a personal therapist will be provided to each patient, so that every person is provided with the best treatment. The cbt therapist will help the patients in breaking down their issues. Each issue will be dealt with individually, and solutions will be provided for each issue.

Our cognitive behavioral counseling team will tell

The patients to replace all their negative thoughts with positive thoughts and help people in recognition their good side.


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