Physiotherapy For Knee Pain

The knee is a huge joint in the human body that consists of the tibia and the femur. They are also known as the shin and the thigh. The kneecap is located at the front of the knee and acts as a shield. Moreover, there are two shock absorbers and four ligaments. The knee experiences pain when it faces repetitive trauma and injury. Knee pain may lead to difficulty in walking, rising from sitting, going up, and downstairs. Moreover, it also limits functionality. Physiotherapy exercise for knee pain helps in improving the overall health of the knee. Knee physio also tackles other problems that are caused due to knee pain

Symptoms Of Knee Pain:

knee pain experienced at the front of the knee means there is some problem with the tracking and position o the kneecap. The tendon between the kneecap and shin becomes inflamed and painful. This type of pain limits the ability to kneel and move on stairs. If pain is experienced inside the knee, there might be an injury. Injuries are mostly caused due to athletic activity. Pain on the outside of the knee means that the person is suffering from ITB stress. ITB is a tissue that runs in front of your knee. Some people might also experience knee pain in the back. This type of knee pain is caused due to hamstring strain.


Physiotherapy for knee pain is a long but effective procedure. Go Rehab experienced and highly skilled staff will make sure that the patient has no knee pain before his treatment finishes. First of all, our experts in knee physio will carry out an assessment. The assessment will consist of an interview. Questions regarding knee pain will be asked. The next step is to carry out a massage session. The message is a vital part of physiotherapy for knee pain. There are many techniques for getting rid of knee pain, but Go Rehab medical experts use the most effective methods. Physiotherapy exercises for knee pain may also help in removing knee pain. These physical therapy exercises for knee pain consist of stretching and strengthening exercises.

It also includes soft tissue therapy and balance exercises. The treatment also has some other therapies such as electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, and ice and heat therapy. These therapies soften the joints of the knee and help in reducing strain. Moreover, knee physio also consists of taping, orthotics, joint mobilization, and soft tissue therapy. Acupuncture also helps in increasing blood flow and removing knee pain.


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