Theraflex Physiotherapy And Treatment

Theraflex physiotherapy involves a vertebral mobilizer that helps in treating and relieving pain in the back and the neck. Moreover, theraflex physiotherapy will also reduce the pressure on the nerves that are trapped once they leave the spine. The reflex back pain therapy machine used in theraflex therapy will help in mobilizing the individual segments in your spine. The physical mobilization in theraflex manipulation physiotherapy is known as the primary treatment for mechanical disorders in the spine.

The reflex back pain therapy machine takes theraflex manipulation physiotherapy to a whole new level by amplifying the mobility of the spine. It is considered as an advanced level of manual hand theraflex therapy. Moreover, it allows the theraflex therapists to maintain control and feelings of hand therapies.


Go Rehab's clinic consists of the most highly skilled medical experts that have been practicing theraflex therapy for ages. Moreover, our theraflex back pain therapy machines have multiple modes that can be turned on according to the needs of the client. By setting the device on muscle relations, the device will rapidly tap the muscles on either side of the spine. This therapies therapy involves the movement of the theraflex back pain therapy machine up and down the spine. This type of setting on the theraflex back pain therapy machine is extremely comfortable and relaxing.

The second stage of theraflex therapy involves reflex stimulation. This theraflex robotic physiotherapy will stimulate the spinal reflexes. The theraflex back pain therapy machine will tap on the full length of the spine. It will trigger the spinal reflexes to relax the patient.

The third stage of theraflex lower back pain treatment involves vertebral manipulation. It is the final stage of the theraflex manipulation physiotherapy. The theraflex lower back pain treatment will mobilize the facet joints between each pair of vertebrae. The main goal of the theraflex treatment is to gain flexibility in the full length of the spine.

Furthermore, Go Rehab also offers theraflex lower back pain treatment as well as Theraflex scoliosis treatment. We also provide multiple physiotherapy treatments such as the theraflex robotic physiotherapy and theraflex manipulation physiotherapy.

The spine is the most sensitive part of our body. Before going for any treatment, our highly skilled and professional medical staff will conduct a detailed assessment and examination session. The doctors would examine the spine of the person and ask to relevant questions. Questions regarding sitting position and word routine may be asked.


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