Physiotherapy For Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a large joint that connects the arms to the body, and it helps in lifting heavy weights. The shoulder has impressive functionality due to which makes it vulnerable to injuries. People experience shoulder injuries during throwing sports and activities, awkward and repetitive lifting, or wear and tear. However, there might be other reasons for pain and injury in the shoulder and can be treated good from physiotherapy for shoulder pain from Go Rehab experts. Some of those reasons are:
• The rotator cuff injury
• The shoulder dislocation
• Frozen shoulder
• Wear and tear from sports
• Impingement syndromes
Most people in the UK Suffer from frozen shoulder. Do not worry, as our frozen shoulder physiotherapists are here for help.


There are several frozen shoulder physio therapies to treat frozen shoulder. However, Go Rehab's medical experts have summarized an effective plan as well as time-saving. It means the patient will be able to recover much quicker. Physiotherapy for shoulder pain can be painful, but our medical experts use specific techniques so that the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort.

The most used treatment by our medical experts is acupuncture. Acupuncture is the best physiotherapy for shoulder pain. It is because acupuncture increases blood flow in the region and helps relax the muscles. The relaxation helps in loosening up the joints. Another technique used in frozen shoulder physiotherapy is heating. Heating also increases flood flow in the region. Moreover, it will de freeze the shoulder. The heat will expand the muscles and the joints. The expansion will loosen up the joints and make them come back into place.

Furthermore, shoulder physiotherapy also includes a series of exercises and stretches. These exercises will allow patients to move the shoulder comfortably. Pain killers may temporarily solve the problem, but our medical experts do not recommend medication for frozen shoulder physiotherapy. We believe that the treatment provided to the patient should fix the problem as well as make it strong enough to prevent such uncertainties in the future.

However, we do not want our patients to keep coming to our clinic week after week. Go Rehab medical experts focus on providing solutions that will fix the problem once and for all. Moreover, our clinic offers home services. If a patient does not feel comfortable visiting the clinic, our doctors will go to their homes. Moreover, we also provide online services. It means that the doctors may communicate on an online platform. However, we do recommend coming to the clinic as the doctors will be able to examine the patient properly.


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