Joint Mobilisation And Manipulation

Joint mobilization and manipulation are the two techniques that are used by multiple doctors for treating painful and restricted joints. Joint manipulation physical therapy includes multiple techniques that will help in resolving any sort of pain experienced in joints. The mobilization involves a lot of repetition and gentle motion that will help in relieving pain. The joint mobilization and manipulation involve a single application of short and fast pressures on the joint up to its end.


Go Rehab provides the best physiotherapist for the job. Medical experts at our clinic have an experience of more than 10 years of and are capable of dealing will issue related to joints. Moreover, our medical experts opt for selective techniques for patients to make sure everything is safe and sound. However, patients should expect some soreness and discomfort after the treatment.

Medical experts at our faculty will make use of hands for joint mobilization and manipulation. Hands are used to apply a controlled amount of force. Mostly, there are sensitive areas in our body that will require the application of very less force to reduce the risk of damages. Some sensitive areas are the joints of the spine and limbs. The joint mobilization and manipulation will help in perfecting stiff and achy joints. Moreover, joint mobilization and manipulation will also help in painful joints after surgery.

Sometimes, athletes may also face discomfort after a fall in their game, but that pain can be removed by joint mobilization and manipulation. Moreover, people might also get rid of other issues such as chronic injuries. Arthritis, back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Before every procedure, Go Rehab's medical experts will carry out a detailed assessment. The detailed assessment will first include an interview. A joint manipulation physical therapy team will ask a series of questions.

The patient will have to answer honestly so that our medical experts can identify the root cause of the pain. After the root cause is found, our medical experts will look for other issues that may be caused due to the root issue. A detailed analysis of the joint will also be carried out by a physiotherapist. After all the careful assessments and detailed analysis, our medical experts will provide a plan of treatment that is most suitable for the patient.

Our clinic will provide the following services:
• SI joint mobilization and manipulation
• joint manipulation physical therapy
• knee mobilization and manipulation
• ankle joint mobilization and manipulation
• elbow mobilization and manipulation
• ac joint mobilization and manipulation
• subtler mobilization and manipulation


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