Musculoskeletel Pain Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is a treatment of multiple health problems such as injuries, disorders, and diseases that affect joints, tendons, and ligaments inside the body. Moreover, other problems such as sports injuries joint pain, arthritis, and pain after surgical procedures are also treated using musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Our musculoskeletal specialists have ample experience and skill to treat fresh pains or long-lasting pains using musculoskeletal treatment.

Our MSK physiotherapy service helps in movement and mobility and treats problems related to stiffness, posture, gait, and weakness. Gait is how a person walks or runs. Moreover, musculoskeletal physiotherapy also helps in dealing with the fear and pain of moving. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy motivates movements and helps in a person's inability to move.

Treatment and procedure:

We believe that a procedure is only successful if the patient is provided with individual attention. As a result, we provide individual attention to our patients. a team of staff members led by a musculoskeletal specialist will assist the patient. The musculoskeletal treatment will include several physical exercises and therapies. Moreover, an initial assessment will also be carried out to examine the issue in detail. Patients are recommended to write as many questions before the assessment so that they can be discussed. The musculoskeletal therapy and assessment will help in providing a speedy recovery.

The musculoskeletal physio will help patients improve their overall movement, flexibility, and strength. It will result in the reduction of pain long term and short term. Our musculoskeletal specialist ensures that the patient receives the right exercise. Moreover, the musculoskeletal specialist will support the patients to learn and carry out the program so that they can practice it at their homes.

Our musculoskeletal specialist also uses aqua therapy in their musculoskeletal treatment. the aqua therapy is an effective way to assist the muscles and joint rehabilitation. It helps to relax and supports the body's weight. Moreover, it will also provide pain relief to some patients. The musculoskeletal treatment also includes the acupuncture procedure. Acupuncture involves the insertion of multiple thin needles on the skin. It will increase blood flow in the body and help in relieving pain.

Our highly experienced experts will ensure that progress is seen. If no progress is seen, the musculoskeletal physiotherapist will carry out more assessments. They will analyze the patient thoroughly to see if more problems have developed during the procedure. Additionally, our medical experts will end the procedure when they are satisfied that the patient does not feel any pain.


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