Sports Injury Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

Sports physiotherapy is a special field within the field of physiotherapy. Sports injury physiotherapy focuses on the assessment and treatment of injuries that occur in exercises and sports in all environments and ages. Injury depends on the type of sports a person plays. It does not matter if the person is running a marathon or playing football. Sports injury physios at Go Rehab also focuses on getting the athletes out of pain and getting them back on track. Moreover, sports physiotherapy is also used in increasing the performance of an individual in multiple areas of sport.

Sports physio injuries are much different from normal day injuries. Physical therapy in sport focuses more on muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons as these areas are prone to injury.


Selecting a sports psychologist can be difficult for some people as a sports psychologist should have ample knowledge skill, and experience in dealing with sports-related injuries. However, people should not worry because our highly skilled psychologists are fully capable of dealing with sports-related injuries. Go Rehab's sports psychologists specialize in sports and spinal physio too. Our sports physiologists provide the following services.

• Assessment of injuries: our highly skilled sports physiologists will carefully observe the injury and as questions related to the current injury. Assessments will also include any previous injuries. A careful assessment of injuries will identify the root cause of the pain. However, the root cause doesn't need to be located where the pain is experienced. Moreover, our sports physiotherapist will also provide the factors that lead to the injury.

• Treatment plan: after careful observation, our experienced sports physiotherapist will make an individualized treatment plan for the patient. The plan will focus on all imbalances and weaknesses as we want the athlete to get back to normal and prevent any re-occurrence.

• Improvement: after the patient gets into his normal position, our sports physiotherapist will work on improving the perforce of the athlete. It becomes necessary when the athlete has to spend some time away from the game.

Furthermore, our sports physiotherapists work as a team and focus all their attention on the patient to bring the athlete back on track. Moreover, our sports physiotherapists also ensure that the athlete does not face any such injury in the future.


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